well hello there.

Thank you for visiting my site, happy to have you here! This little about me section will be pretty simple. I’m a small town girl from Ontario living in Alberta (for now, since we are a military family) who loves the adventure that I’ve been living! I’m a wife, a momma of two: a three year old little girlie, who’s a little bit crazy, but also the sweetest, kindest and funniest big sister to her 9 month old little brother…he's pretty cool too ;). I’m also a lover of food, cooking (and eating of course!), living a healthy (mainly plant-based) lifestyle, music and exploring new places. 

This whole love of photography started off for me before high school with my little film loaded Canon Elf.  I went to college in North Bay, Ontario to get my Graphic Design diploma afterwards, where I took many different art courses (photography among them) and my passion only grew from there. I’m still a Canon girl, but with a much bigger gear collection now, that I use to capture moments in time, big or small. I love knowing that I will be able to look back and remember these moments forever in images, because, as we all know, time goes by too fast (especially once you have little ones of your own). I want that exact feeling for everyone! It’s a wonderful and rewarding feeling being able to photograph families and couples and capture their unique, beautiful (sometimes crazy) moments, and I can’t wait for each and every session. Every person, family, or relationship is different and that’s all part of the fun! I can't wait to meet you and help to capture this time in your life (whatever occasion or non-occasion it may be!) and create art for you to last a lifetime!